What relationships or connections do volunteers form during their experience?

What relationships or connections do volunteers form during their experience?

Emma McCormick

Ventura 14-15

I still have a very strong bond with the members of my AV community. We plan a trip once a year together once a year and send each other texts and emails in between visits. I still have contact with people from my service site, the Ventura community, and other AV alumni. When I expect to be in a city where these individuals live, I always reach out to schedule coffee or dinner and it feels like no time has passed!

Kelsey Goldstoff

San Diego 18-19

I met so many amazing people in San Diego during my AV year, which led me to move back about a year and a half after my volunteer year ended. I am so grateful for the strong AV community in San Diego! I am amazed by the number of connections I have found through the AVs. Between other AV alums, people who know someone who has done the AV program, people who have a connection to the clinic (my service site) and people with Augustinian connections, I have formed so many amazing relationships that would not have happened without the AVs.

Mickey Palmasani

San Diego 17-18

My year as an AV gave me the opportunity to learn and work with some awesome people. To this day, they have been great career role models for me and have also served as amazing references who have written letters of recommendation for me while I was in the process of applying for jobs and Grad school.

Kelsey Rode

Philadelphia 17-18

When I started my volunteer year, I had never lived in a city before and was interested in enrolling in graduate school for either public administration or education administration. Being an AV in Philly with A.D.R.O.P. provided me with the built-in support that I needed to test myself in a new environment, while my service site was versatile enough to help me discern a professional track. My community members, fellow volunteers during my service year, and the AV alumni network crystallized Philly as a second home for me and nurtured the type of psychological safety that allowed me to try new experiences and explore new identities.