The Third Sunday of Lent, March 20, 2022

The Third Sunday of Lent, March 20, 2022

The ‘burning bush’ is a symbol of God/YHWH/”I Am.” Are you aware of God’s presence in a tree, a person you serve, yourself, the Eucharist?

How might you take time this Lent to become more aware of this “holy ground” near you? Do you ever ‘hide your face’ from God? From “I Am”?  Why? How might you say, “Here I am!” to this One who hears his people’s cry and comes down to rescue them?

Does this promise of ‘rescue’ help you get closer to Jesus? What is your experience in sharing this mission with Him? Is there a moment of God’s presence you’ve experienced these past six months? Can you lift it up with gratitude?

People who suffer more than others…are they greater sinners? “By no means!”…But if you do not repent, you will experience this. What could ‘repent’ mean to you? Our country? God?

The unfruitful fig tree…cut it down because it is exhausting the soil? Or fertilize it and give it another chance to produce? Is the gardener a figure of God? Does he/she attract you? Is there anyone around you like this? Could you sit with this person and/or God and rest in their beautiful tenderness this Lent?

Do you ever feel exhausted? From what? Do you sometimes feel that you are all alone in your work, your community life? Do you ever feel that you need a second chance? For what?

“Merciful and gracious is the Lord”

“Here I am, Lord.”


Fr. Paul F. Morrissey, O.S.A.
Augustinian Site Supervisor, Philadelphia