How can the AV experience impact your career path?

How can the AV experience impact your career path?

Becky Coyle Mueller

San Diego 07-08

In my AV experience, I worked as a nurse at St. Vincent dePaul in San Diego. This experience inspired me to further my career as a nurse practitioner, and work in a community-based setting, as I observed the role the NP had in the clinic setting and in the lives of their patients.  I now work as a nurse educator, preparing nursing students and nurse practitioner students to practice in the community setting. I share my experiences from St. Vinny’s with my students all of the time, in an effort to cultivate empathy and advocacy, and their understanding of social justice, and social determinants of health.

Mickey Palmasani

San Diego 17-18

My AV experience allowed me to realize what type of work that I wanted to be continuing to do throughout my life. This opportunity increased my perspective and world view which has shaped my career ambitions.

Claire Erlenborn

Ventura 18-19

Working with high school students as a campus minister I realized how much I loved working with adolescents and journeying with them through life. It also gave the opportunity to see the unique challenges that young folks face and made me more comfortable talking with students about mental health. My time as an AV informed my choice to pursue masters level work in theology and social work and I find myself pulling on experiences from my volunteer year often in classes and in internships.