How can the AV experience help you to grow as a person?

How can the AV experience help you to grow as a person?

Becky Coyle Mueller

San Diego 07-08

My experience as an AV provided both personal and spiritual growth.  Living in community with roommates and developing those lifelong relationships was instrumental in my growth.  My volunteer experience allowed me to have greater appreciation for the ‘little things in life.’  Working with the underserved built my empathy towards this population, and provided a greater understanding of the challenges faced by the marginalized.  This growth shaped my enthusiasm for equity and social justice.

Kelsey Goldstoff

San Diego 18-19

The AV experience helped show me that I am passionate about providing healthcare to people experiencing homelessness. I use lessons that I learned from my AV year on a regular basis while working as a nurse at a hospital in San Diego.

Patrick McDonell

Peru 2017

I am more self-reflective as a result of my AV year. Living in community was such a blessing, and I learned so much from my community-mates. I listen more actively, apologize more readily, and celebrate the accomplishments of others with more passion than ever before. I miss living in community but still try to practice the lessons I learned in my daily life.