How can an AV year help with career discernment?

How can an AV year help with career discernment?

Emma McCormick

Ventura 14-15

Prior to my AV year I would have never considered a career in education or have been exposed to the broad range of job opportunities that exist within education. The skills and experience I got from my AV service site has helped me get Outreach and Education jobs at a couple nonprofits. Those same AV experiences sparked a passion for curriculum development, which ultimately led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Instructional Design.

Patrick McDonell

Peru 2017

My AV year helped confirm that the work I love doing is people-centered. I loved building relationships and getting to know my students and the broader community. My current work as a public interest attorney means that I am always interacting with people who live on the margins, seeking to understand their stories, and enabling them to seek justice for themselves.

Tina Teofilo

Peru 2014

The AV year did everything to help me in my career discernment. I fortunately knew I wanted to work in medicine but didn’t know exactly in what capacity. Working in Chulucanas, Peru proved to be the perfect environment as I held the daily job of working in the medical office with local health workers. Additionally, a couple times a year worked as the translator for medical mission trips who coming through annually to perform evaluations and operations on the local Chulucanas folks. Getting to work directly with nurses, doctors, students and patients and see what those roles actually look like, led me to know that nursing was exactly what I was looking for in a career. I’m so beyond grateful I had that opportunity to live and learn and make connections to take me to Villanova University after my year of service to obtain my nursing degree through their second degree accelerated program.