Holy Thursday,  April 14, 2022

Holy Thursday, April 14, 2022

It is quite probable that some Israelites stayed behind, choosing Egyptian slavery instead. Such a decision could only end in death. The rest prepared to escape by eating their last meal with staff in hand and sandals on feet, as though already in flight. Thus, they were ready, for they believed that God would liberate them that very night.

As Christians, we receive the Eucharist in a similar way this very night – as though already in flight – believing that in this sacred meal we encounter the redemptive and liberating power of Christ. We believe that Christ’s triumph of life over death occurs once again, here and now. We don’t stay behind. We escape the slavery of sin and death. We choose life.

And this decision leads us to participate in Christ’s saving action for others, which looks like service, and sometimes tying a towel around our waist, ready to bend down to wash each other’s feet.

Fr. Dan Madden, O.S.A.
AV Alum, Chicago 2011-2012