Marty Palmasani

Marty Palmasani is from New Lenox, Illinois and a recent graduate from the University of Dayton. Marty was a double major in Secondary Catholic Religious Education and Religious Studies. He will be dedicating himself to service at St. Augustine’s High School and he could not be more excited. Marty sought out the Augustinian Volunteers because of his attraction to the charism of community. Marty hopes to be able to share his life and faith with his peers who can support him but, more importantly, challenge him to grow. Marty is most looking forward to the opportunity to experience an authentic kinship with his community members and spread that authenticity to his new home in San Diego.

Commitment statement:

I, Marty Palmasani, commit myself to be an Augustinian Volunteer, to embrace community and to support the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of my students and friends.

Share one of your favorite quotes.

“You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to.” –Robin Williams

How did you develop a passion for service?

When I was about 12 years old, I had the opportunity to attend my first mission trip to Boston, MA. There I worked on landscaping for an elderly woman as well as interior painting. What I gained form that experience wasn’t a potential career in gardening, but instead it was an appreciation for what a few dedicated moments can do for someone. It was the first time I came out of my household bubble and say what kind works can do for a stranger. Since then I have sought out service opportunities to keep me grounded in the value of service.

Name one of your favorite musical artists.

Smallpools. Go look them up if you want to have your soul samba.

What’s a favorite book of yours or a recent book you’ve read?

The Outsiders. It has always been my guide to being aware of how everyone you meet is more than their appearances. We each hold a story in ourselves that can only be told through effort. I cannot learn someone’s story unless I sit down and engage with them.

Share an issue you’re passionate about and explain why.

I am passionate about being an Ally to members of the LGBTQ+ community. I so desperately want to live in a world where we do not segregate, chastise, or condemn anyone based on size, color, or especially not based on how someone loves. It is important to me to be a representation of a wholly accepting way of life.

Best moment as an AV to date?

First night in San Diego when we were picked up by Deac and he showed us around before bringing us home. After he dropped us off, he invited us to dinner at his house to which we promptly said yes. There we ate some delicious tacos, had ice cream, jammed to an old CD of the Beach Boys, and best of all, received some impromptu surf lessons. Nothing like having an 80-year-old man telling you to do pushups on his surfboard to make you really feel like you’re home.

What do you like most about living in your new city so far?

Not counting the weather? I would have to say the several beaches that are no more than 20 minutes away.

One word that describes your community-living experience is…


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