Kathleen Wirshup

Kathleen grew up in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. She attended the College of William and Mary. Go Tribe! There she studied Kinesiology with a concentration in Public Health. Kathleen will be living in Ventura, California where she will be working as a teacher’s aide at Our Lady of the Assumption School. Kathleen is excited to escape the frigid East Coast winters.

Commitment statement:

I, Kathleen Wirshup, commit myself to be an Augustinian Volunteer, to serve my community with an open heart and mind and to embrace every challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Share one of your favorite quotes.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir

How did you develop a passion for service?

When I was younger my mom would always ask me and my sisters at the dinner table what we had done to help someone that day. Doing service was something my family really emphasized. Then in college I started getting involved in spring break service trips.

Name one of your favorite musical artists.


What’s a favorite book of yours or a recent book you’ve read?

“The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware

Share an issue you’re passionate about and explain why.

Universal healthcare. I volunteer at a clinic that provides healthcare for those who do not have it and there is such a great need. Also it should be a basic right for everyone to be able to receive healthcare.

Best moment as an AV to date?

Watching our first sunset in Ventura with my community. It was so beautiful.

What do you like most about living in your new city so far?

The weather and the beach.

One word that describes your community-living experience is…


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