Julia Shults

Julia was born and raised in Needham, Massachusetts. She graduated from Villanova University in May 2018 (go Cats!) with a degree in psychology and minors in business, Spanish, and honors. She is looking forward to living in Ventura, California and exploring her interest in social work as a low-income and homeless services case-worker at HELP of Ojai. Fun fact about Julia: she has performed in theater productions.

Commitment statement:

I, Julia Shults, commit myself to be an Augustinian Volunteer, to explore agape in my community and my service, to respond to challenges with open-mindedness, and to reach beyond my comfort zone.

Share one of your favorite quotes.

“When words fail, music speaks.” -Hans Christian Andersen

How did you develop a passion for service?

Both of my parents, and my mom especially, instilled in me a sense of gratitude for all that I have been blessed with and an obligation to use my privilege to benefit others. From a very young age I felt called to service, and this vocation has endured and been nourished through my studies and various service and ministry experiences.

Name one of your favorite musical artists.

Sara Bareilles!

What’s a favorite book of yours or a recent book you’ve read?

“Ordinary People” by Judith Guest

Share an issue you’re passionate about and explain why.

Ending poverty, hunger, and homelessness. When I was very little and would walk by a person experiencing homelessness, I would often cry because it seemed so unfair. To this day, I am distressed at the disparity of wealth and resources that exists. I don’t know what the solutions are, but I’m hoping that my service this year will allow me to better understand the systems that contribute to these issues and leave me better equipped to support people experiencing them.

Best moment as an AV to date?

Orientation with the twelve of us volunteers. It was so fun being with the big group and getting to know everyone before we all split into our communities and went our separate ways to the service sites. Highlight was definitely visiting St. Rita’s and explaining what dump-day is back home in Massachusetts.

What do you like most about living in your new city so far?

I love being so close to lots of cool hiking trails. We already went on a hike this past weekend and it was great! I can’t wait to explore more!!

One word that describes your community-living experience is…


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