Clare Hennessy

Clare grew up in Arlington, Texas. She moved to the Midwest to study Communication Sciences and Disorders at Saint Louis University. This year she will be serving in Philadelphia at Our Mother of Sorrows/St. Ignatius School. She’s excited for the opportunity to navigate chaos with grace through laughter and lightheartedness.

Commitment statement:

I, Clare Hennessy, commit myself to be an Augustinian Volunteer, eager to open myself up to both receive gifts from the people around me while also sharing my own in return.

Share one of your favorite quotes.

“Through you am I” -Lueen Conning Ndlovu.

How did you develop a passion for service?

I really dove into service in college when I started tutoring at different after school programs…something about being able to interact with middle school kids on a more individual level kept me coming back. I then got very involved with a youth mentorship STEAM program in St Louis where I got to work with so many energetic and resourceful kids every Saturday morning. The relationships I made with these kids and the community of people I worked with here really energized me and taught me a lot about people (especially myself)!

Name one of your favorite musical artists.

My favorite musical artist right now is Maggie Rogers because you can’t help but dance to her music, but she also writes and performs with such intention–it’s incredible. I could also listen to Fleetwood Mac all day long.

What’s a favorite book of yours or a recent book you’ve read?

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Share an issue you’re passionate about and explain why.

I am very passionate about youth education, especially in regards to language, literacy, and communication. I believe that the ability to both hear and share stories is really central to how we identify ourselves and how we are able to better understand and relate to the people around us.

Best moment as an AV to date?

My best moment as an AV so far has been a kindergartner deciding that my new name was going to be Ms. Toilet.

What do you like most about living in your new city so far?

Living in Philly is so exciting because there are dogs and coffee shops everywhere! I really like being able to easily navigate the city and there’s constantly some sort of free activity to participate in.

One word that describes your community-living experience is…

One word to describe my community-living experience so far: oats. (Jared has fully convinced me that we could survive this year solely on oats. Only $1/pound!!!)

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