Chulucanas, Peru

Santisima Cruz

Santisima Cruz is the Parochial School of San Jose Obrero, the Augustinian parish in Chulucanas. The school includes grades one of elementary school through the last year of high school. There are six years of primary school and five years of secondary school. The volunteer serves in a variety of capacities including as co-teacher, teacher’s aid, tutor and counselor. The school has a variety of needs which are filled based upon the education and experience of the volunteer.

CETPRO (CEO) Betania

CETPRO (CEO) Betania is a cooperative and educational community center run by the Sisters of Mercy. They offer courses in sewing, cooking, baking, computers and English, along with a variety of other services. The center is working to promote human dignity focusing primarily on women through education and technical training. The volunteers have the opportunity to be involved in the different classes, especially in teaching basic English classes to both children and adults. Volunteers have occasionally assisted in administrative responsibilities for the center. They may also have the opportunity to teach basic computers to adults based on the background of the volunteer.

Health Office for Centro Pastoral

The Centro Pastoral houses a variety of services and offices for parishes and parishoners in the diocese of Chulucanas. One of these is the Heath Office, which coordinates a variety of endeavors each year, including educational trainings on health-related issues for parishes in the diocese, medical campaigns from abroad and a weekly radio show. In addition, the volunteer may accompany patients through hospital visits and procedures, and also serves with other Peruvian health volunteers in the hospital and at the Hogar de Ancianos. The volunteer may assist in all these areas as well as with general administrative needs and monthly trainings of local health volunteers. A medical background is preferred but not required.