God In Routine

God In Routine

During the month of January, St. Augustine High School takes a break from traditional academics. The students partake in elective courses that are designed to create well-rounded young men with a passion for learning. Some of these courses take them all around San Diego for activities like cycling, deep-sea fishing, and cooking. Even though the students enjoy the shorter school days and the fun activities, they hopefully will leave with interests and hobbies that will last a lifetime.

While I had fun the past month giving advice to the students in engineering, judging the chili cook-off, or joining the leisure sports class for bocce ball and croquet, the number of students I interacted with daily was much smaller than normal. Which is why I am happy that everything is back to normal. Even though it was a normal week, I was better able to feel God’s presence in my weekly routine.

I saw God in the smiles on all the student’s faces as they greeted friends they had not seen in a while. God was there in the spirited debates among students in the campus ministry office. And in the kids who come in every day to ask me how my day is going (but mostly to grab a piece of candy). At weekly school mass, the poorly tied ties and the one kid in a hoodie reminded me that we are called to come as we are to God. I thank God that the readers and mass band are able to share their talents with the school community. And lastly, I saw God’s work in the Saints faculty who not only do an incredible job at teaching but also being excellent examples of what it means to live a Christian life.

All these things happen on a weekly basis, but God’s presence was much easier to see having been away from our normal routine for so long. I hope that I will be continually reminded to look for God in the many ways He makes Himself present in the St. Augustine High School and larger San Diego community.

Colin Helgeson

San Diego, CA 2021-2022

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