What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World

A cool breeze, laughter ringing and live music in the air. When I thought about where I’ve seen God present in my week. I realized I’ve seen Him in many small ways. I also realized that those small ways came to a head this Saturday when my community mates and I went to Harvest Weekend. Dilworth Park put on a super cute festival with live music, pumpkin painting and artisans selling their goods, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We have been on this journey a little more than a month. Throughout all of this time there has been stress and worries about starting a new job, living in community and generally figuring out what life looks like in the now. Compound this with the complicated situations of an on-going pandemic, an upcoming presidential election, and the continuous fight for racial equality and it makes for a complex new beginning in the next stage of life. With so much going on I have found that it is easy to slip into a dispirited mindset. However, in my opinion it is important to try and find the good aspects of the week, the joyous, happy moments no matter how fleeting they may seem. I have come to the conclusion that many of those moments are the times where I see God.

I have seen Him in the smiles of my co-workers when we have meetings together and get to chat and see each other over Zoom. I have heard Him in the grateful voices of my clients when I help them. There have been many instances where I have seen God present in small ways this week, but again I think the most that I saw Him present was at Harvest Weekend. Looking around and seeing everybody wearing their masks, staying 6 ft. apart from each other was a little sad, and yet people were still having a good time. That beauty of being able to sit and listen to live music and see human resilience in such dark times, was very hopeful. I like to think that I try and see God in those hopeful moments, when so much is going wrong, and yet people keep fighting and keep trying. What an amazing aspect of human life that I got to see and reflect on.

Isabel Prado

Philadelphia 2020-2021

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