We Commit Ourselves to Never Stop Laughing

We Commit Ourselves to Never Stop Laughing

When it came time for orientation this August, I was super nervous about living with two strangers in intentional community for the next year. Upon meeting Meg and Hank, I became assured that this year would be one wild ride. The three of us spent the entire week laughing until tears were pouring out and our stomachs were hurting. Our senses of humor just worked so well together, and inside jokes were formed within the first 24 hours of knowing each other. These two strangers quickly became good friends.

Community life is quite an experience. There are plenty of ups and downs, and challenges come when living with people no matter who it is. Despite all of this, we work together to lift each other up. Whether it’s getting in the car at one in the morning to take someone to the airport when a family member has passed away or going to three different stores to find the last Lord of the Rings movie because one of us is dying to see the whole series for the first time, we do what we can to support each other. We’ve had a crazy semester of gas explosions, late night trips to Boston to drop someone off at the airport, and yes, even a trip to the hospital from one of us getting hit by a car (spoiler: it was Hank, and I promise he is a-ok). Through it all, though, we always find a way to laugh at whatever the situation may be. There’s really never a dull moment here in Lawrence, just ask the AV staff.

When writing our community commitment statement, we really wanted it to embody who we are as a group. Laughter has been a key component in our community, seriously. We even got yelled at for laughing too loud in a hospital hallway when Hank got hit by a car (he laughed first, I promise). I’m grateful for these two goobers who lift my spirits when it’s been a tough day at work. Whether it’s from Meg full-on performing a nursery school song or Hank making a hilarious comment in response to something someone else said, one of the many tracks on our community soundtrack is straight up laughter. And with that, I’m glad that we continue to hold true to our commitment statement: “We the Lawrence community commit ourselves to grow in prayer, always support each other, continue to serve and to never stop laughing.”

Gina Hackett

Lawrence, MA 2018-2019

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